About Hope Media Europe


Hope Media Europe e.V. is a media center of the Protestant Seventh-day Adventist Church, public corporation with legal status.

About 21 million people in more than 213 countries around the world are part of this church. People of different languages and cultures form more than 81.000 congregations.

Hope Media Europe had its start as STIMME DER HOFFNUNG one of the first radio stations in Germany. It started its broadcasting in 1948. 

Today, the media center looks back on a long history. In the meanwhile, the centre has become a modern structure and is located in Alsbach-Haehnlein, close to Frankfurt.

Today, Hope Media Europe is an international media center, consisting of the following departments:

Our goal

Through a wide range of media-programs, Hope Media Europe wants to:

  • transmit hope, sense of life and life aid
  • encourage people in an understandable and modern way to read the Bible and to find their faith
  • help people to learn more about Jesus Christ
  • help people to build up a real relationship to God